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My name is Gabriela Garrido. I am more than Welcome to introduce you LUXRAY!


There is no doubt that there are events in our childhood that spot our lives forever. From an early age, I learned to admire and appreciate the beauty of precious stones and jewels. When I was child, we moved to Bangkok for a Diplomatic assignment for my father's job.


Thailand is much more than what meets the eye. It stole my heart. In addition to being a place with impressive gastronomy, it has a wealth of minerals and precious stones and one of the best goldsmith and unique delicacy, where jewelry is displayed and sold in every corner.


Years before my arrival, my parents and Alejandro (my brother) moved to Bangkok where my mother felt in love with its jewelry to such an extent that she decided to venture into that world of jewelry and not in a simple way. She took it very seriously that she started studying Gemology in an academy in Thailand in order to fully enjoy the beauty of stones and goldsmithing to buy the best qualities for her (and for me).

After many walks and visits to jewelry stores with my mom, her loves for jewelry was born in me. I never had the dream of having my jewelry brand escape my mind. I always kept with the idea of one day being able to follow my mother's footsteps. Here I am, doing my first jewelry shop "LUXRAY" with the same love, determination, and good taste as her. I hope that one day this new great thing that just started turn into a high-level product for all of you. Come with me and enjoy this journey of LUXRAY.

Gracias por ser parte de este sueño. Esperamos les encante todas las piezas tanto como a nosotras. 

with love, 


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